We all have a fairly good understanding that weddings can be a costly exercise, but do you actually know just how much the average wedding costs in Australia? Slightly over $36,000, based on Australia’s Money Smart website. And that was in 2012! Nowadays, it’s most likely somewhere around the $50,000 mark. I guess if you have wealthy parents it wouldn’t be a concern, but unfortunately many of us don’t.

Let’s admit it, $50,000 is a huge amount of money! You could buy a franchise, place a deposit on a new home, repay your student loans, or even travel the world! The truth is though, weddings are a celebration of two individuals who commit to spending the rest of their lives with each other. Sure, we ‘d all love to have the wedding of our dreams, but we shouldn’t forget what’s really important.

Even though I’ve never walked down the aisle myself, I have a close group of friends, and two of them managed to pull off the most splendid weddings on a shoestring. Indeed, it didn’t feature luxurious bridesmaid parties and catering for 500 guests, but it was intimate, unique, and almost everyone who attended had the time of their lives. If you’re about to get married on a budget and looking at ways to save money, then here’s how.


There’s loads of ways to save thousands of dollars on your wedding venue alone. One of the most stunning weddings I attended was in the backyard of a friend’s home. Other options you could think about is hiring a local park for the day, or perhaps the beach. The ambience is incredible, you can personalise your wedding to exactly how you want it, and the costs are extremely low. If you opt to have your wedding in a public area, just remember to contact the local council and book well ahead of time.

Wedding Date

Even though most people prefer their weddings on a Saturday, the costs of venues are far more costly on Saturday than any other day of the week. Think about having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday where Monday is a public holiday. The time of year will similarly have a significant impact on the fees of your venue. If you’re dead-set on having your wedding reception in an indoor location, then book your wedding date in winter and you’ll save roughly a third of the costs for venue hire.


The fees of a professional photographer will usually cost roughly $4,000 for the whole day. With the impressive specs of smartphone cameras these days, think about hiring a professional photographer only for the formalities and ask your friends to take pictures throughout the duration of your wedding. You can create a hashtag on Twitter and get your friends to post their photos, ensuring that there’ll be an abundance of natural pictures that mirror the true spirit of your special day.

Food & Drinks

If you really wish to save money, then catering firms are your primary target! They charge exorbitant prices and aren’t all that necessary. Think about arranging your own food and drinks and don’t hesitate to go against the grain here.

You could hire a wood fire pizza truck that serves gourmet pizza, or look at hiring a friend to roast a whole pig in the ground and make the sides yourself. For me, there’s nothing better than a pulled pork burger with mouth watering sauce and cheesy smashed potatoes! Always remember that most of the time, being original is much more memorable than being traditional. Additionally, try to find a venue that enables you to bring your own alcohol. You’ll save a pile of money this way, and you’ll have the chance to arrange a substantial discount when buying in bulk.

Don’t Borrow Money

It’s not out of the ordinary for couples to borrow money to pay for their weddings, not grasping how challenging it can be to pay back. Not only will you be paying for the wedding itself, but also interest on top of that, which can often times take years to pay off. If you’ve had a luxurious wedding and found yourself in financial hardship, always seek financial advice sooner rather than later. The sooner you take action, the more possibilities will be available. For any financial assistance regarding your personal situation, speak to Bankruptcy Experts Whitsundays on 1300 795 575, or visit our website for further details: Bankruptcy Experts Whitsundays